CPA program Get4Click:

We know how to bring active online users to ecommerce and give an additional 7-10% increase in conversion rate for your project.

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How it works

Get4Click success stories

Case #1

Yver Rocher

Ecommerce store specializing in French perfume and cosmetics. The goal was to
increase order value and amount of new users.

Yver Rocher

Case #2

Food delivery service. Our purpose was to attract new traffic, that converts into
sales. We demonstrated good results in a very short period.

Case #3

Client under NDA

Federal e-pharmacy network. The objective was to build a loyalty program for
current clients and to get a source of new high quality network that converts into
sales. We managed to achieve the goal in a short time period.

Client under NDA

Traffic partners

Get4Click partner offers contain TOP-100 ecommerce sites, banks, payment systems, mobile operators, etc. We attract clients that want and know how to shop online.