CPA program Get4Click:

We know how to bring active online users to ecommerce and give an additional 10-13% increase in conversion rate for your project.

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How it works

CPA-based payments

CPA-based payments

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

LTV increase

LTV increase



Ready solutions for main ecommerce challenges

You get a solution in all channles of ecommerce internet marketing by a single click.

Increase in sales

Get4Click advertisers get access to an audience that likes shopping. Providing individual discounts to such a clients you increase purchase possibility at your online store by many times.


New loyal clients for your email customer base

Get4Click offers its clients newsletter subscription in the only right moment, when they see a full range of discount opportunities. And offers are too good to pass up! CTR of our base is +30%.


Your personal customer motivation program

Encourage your customers with offers from partners and provide discounts to partner network clients. Building a loyalty program has never been easier and conversion rates higher.


Get4Click client newsletter

Day by day Get4Click client database increases by new smart shoppers, that follow special offers and discounts. They are ready to start buying right now. We can tell tham about youby two ways: discount digest (3-5 partners in a newsletter) or individual branded newsletter woth your unique offers.


Traffic partners

Get4Click partner offers contain TOP-100 ecommerce sites, banks, payment systems, mobile operators, etc. We attract clients that want and know how to shop online.

Get4Click success stories

Case #1

Yver Rocher

Ecommerce store specializing in French perfume and cosmetics. The goal was to
increase order value and amount of new users.


new clients


order value

Yver Rocher

Case #2

Food delivery service. Our purpose was to attract new traffic, that converts into
sales. We demonstrated good results in a very short period.


orders from Exchange channel



Case #3

Client under NDA

Federal e-pharmacy network. The objective was to build a loyalty program for
current clients and to get a source of new high quality network that converts into
sales. We managed to achieve the goal in a short time period.


orders from Exchange channel



Client under NDA


Every day, thousands of teams and professionals use our service to create their email and sms newsletters quickly and efficiently.

We have been working with Get4Click for a year now. During this time, they have shown themselves as
a reliable partner determined to achieve high results. Therefore, Get4Click became one of the main
sources of internet traffic that converts into sales.

Dmitry Krujilin

Head of Traffic and Client Relationship Management at Auchan

Get4Click is our reliable and loyal partner. For the first year of our collaboration, we’ve succeeded to not
only significantly increase sales, but also to get a permanent source of new clients. Partnership with
Get4Click became for our clients an interesting part of our loyalty program.

Liubov Ryzhkova

Digital & E-commerce Director Yves Rocher Russia

Lead generation is one of the areas where we work with Get4Click. Our partnership increased the
amount of registered users. We are satisfied with collaboration because newly registered users convert
well into buyers. The growth of our registered users’ base helps us in loyalty improvement. We are very
thankful to Get4Click for their efforts in promoting our business.

Gafur Bagautdinov

Head of Affiliate programs at

Launching our CPA-platform, we’ve chosen Get4Click as one of our partners. And we think we were not
mistaken because Get4Click is a good set of attractive offers for customers. Their development team is
very capable and professionally solved many issues with retailers. Company founders also demonstrated
proactive attitude and high engagement into the process of improvement of our product and the work
process as a whole.

Andrey Yashenko

Head of Advertising Services at Yandex.Kassa

With Get4Click we offer our clients a unique opportunity to interact with our site – users always get
relevant and attractive offers. We see this not only by the amount of new clients and sales, but also by
the increase in brand awareness. We value a lot our collaboration with Get4Click, their expertise,
engagement and fast problem solving.

Anastasiya Suvorova

Internet-marketer at Valtera

We’ve been working with Get4Click for 4 years now. Since then it has become our indispensable
partner. With the help of their referral program, we attract more relevant and convertible traffic with

higher retention rate. Maintenance team helps fast in any implementation task. No doubts our partners
possess the best expertise in the field. We are very satisfied with Get4Click and highly recommend

Polina Shilova

Digital Marketing Manager at Dr. Pierre Ricaud

We at PayU strive to provide our customers new sales channels. Having tested Get4Click opportunities
in many communication channels we can conclude, that the team showed an outstanding performance
in all channels, no matter what we measure.

Olga Yashenina

Chief Marketing Officer at PayU

E-shop always strives to use all modern internet-marketing channels and when referral platforms
appeared, we had been choosing a partner very thoroughly to try a new channel. We tried Get4Click and
have never regretted about that. The guys are very reliable in terms of meeting different KPI’s, like sales
volume, conversion rate, retention.

Serghei Pleshakov

Head of Ecommerce at

We’ve been partners with Get4Click since a year now and came to the conclusion that the platform is
useful. From one side we’ve got another tool to get new traffic of a high quality and support customer
loyalty. From another side it took us a little effort to get integrated with Get4Click. They have strong
administrative skills and do their job quick.

Andrey Sorokin

Head of Internet projects e-pharmacy